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Animal welfare: Are our goats loved?


Our goats are loved and they pass on their love to you through the milk in the soap

Milk Relief Soap goats are loved like pets

Milk Relief Soap goats are loved like pets

Those who know goats and animals can probably read the story from the picture. But for everyone else, let me tell you what is going on.

The goats are in an unfamiliar surroundings,  and they are a bit nervous. Notice the tail of the goat on the far right? The tail is curled down, and like with a dog, that means that things are not quite right. The goat with a human left hand on its shoulder is wondering what the person taking the photo is about to do next.

They are in a horse stable with straw on the floor.

The goat on the far left is a kid, just a few months old. There are three generations of one goat family in this photo, and that is the way we farm them. There is no “Kid’s paddock”.

This summer the weather in Canterbury is decidedly autumnal most of the time, with the odd day at 32° C. So the goats are shedding their coats, and getting new layers of hair. They are also eating hay like there is no tomorrow because they think they will be pregnant soon. They think it is April, the poor souls.

The good news is that because of the cooler weather we still have plenty of green grass in the pasture. We even bought back some goats that had left our herd. When we collected them we found them in goat heaven, under trees in South Canterbury.

They are near relations of many of the herd, and soon fitted in to our herd like they had been here all along.

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Neil Smith

Neil Smith

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