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Why our soap is called Milk Relief

Farm fresh goat milk

Goat Milk – Goat Milk Soap

Goat’s milk has been well known to be capable of making the mildest of soaps even for the most sensitive and allergic skin. Studies have shown that soaps made with goat’s milk instead of water have almost the same pH (acidity) level as human skin, so it helps to keep the optimum pH balance for human skin and hair. Human skin and hair have a slightly acidic layer which protects them from viral, bacterial and chemical invasions. Goat milk soap does not overpower this natural acidic layer of our skin and hair, while other soaps can alter the pH with their strong alkaline base. Goat’s milk soap does not strip away natural acids and oils and leave the skin dry and uncomfortable, but keeps the skin protected and moisturised. Read more here.

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