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Goats hate rain!


MIlk Relief Soap | Keeping warm on a wet, cool autumn day.
This particular goat was sold, with her daughter at the time, because she didn’t fit in the herd. (Now she is back and accepted again by the others).

We’ve learnt over time that goats hate rain. It doesn’t take long to work that out. But on a recent trip to another goat farm I was struck by how plump and prosperous their 20+ goats were. Then while I was trudging around in the wet one night recently, checking on the goats in their huts, I came to fully realise another important aspect of goat health. Drafts in their huts make them lose weight.

I blocked a draft in one of the goats’ huts, and within 48 hours that struggling goat was looking much happier and the weight gain has started to take shape!

Happy goat: happy milk. Happy milk, happy soap! That’s why we’re here – for your happy soap so it doesn’t irritate your sensitive skin.

If you need some more soap, feel free to buy some. We’ll gladly send it to you. Just one thing, it’s important to buy it from the right page.

We have two online shops for New Zealanders. And we have two layers of pricing for those overseas. So in summary, Milk Relief Soap is sold on this site for delivery in New Zealanders, for delivery in Australia  click on the word Australia, and delivery anywhere else other than New Zealand and Australia click here.

If you’d like to promote our soap to a retailer, feel free to do so. You can do that by directing them to our brand website, www.MilkReliefSoap.com, our Facebook page or Google+ page. Google.com/Milkrelief. Just tell us who you made contact with, and encourage them to join our MilkRelief.com email list. Thank you for your continuing interest in our soap!

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