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New kids born last winter day 2018

Goat_Milk_Soap_2018_08_31_New boy_kids

Beautiful boy goat kids, less than one day old

Our buck which served the mother (doe) obviously has a colour gene. These twins are anything but identical.

Your online soap purchase will not provide you with identical bars either. Each bar is slightly different to the one next to it. But they share the same ingredients, just like these twin boy goats.

How about coming to experience our farm? Book through Air BnB Experiences. If you are not a member of Air BnB. Join free using this link. www.airbnb.co.nz/c/junkos67

About your host, Junko & Neil, of the Smith Family Soapmakers.
We’ve hosted probably over a thousand guests at our farmstay, and we’ve now been Superhosts for 9 consecutive quarters. We have always offered a guided farm tour and the goat milking experience to our guests. We have milking goats and cows, plus a friendly old border collie.
Now you can experience our guided farm tour as well as buying our soap online.
While we walk around our farm, I’ll talk about trees, birds, animals and the natural history of New Zealand, particularly the Fiordland area. You will also find out how farming is done in NZ compared to other countries.
What is included in the $30 per adult, price.
Junko will point out some trees and items of interest in our garden as part of an introduction to the natural history of NZ. Then she’ll take you on our farm. Our dog, goats and cow are friendly, and they’ll come right up to you for a pat. Climb to the highest part of our farm, where you’ll see a glimpse of Lake Te Anau, the largest lake in the South Island.
You will hear about the rare native birds that are found in Fiordland National Park, as you look at the mountains all around you. You will also find out the differences between sheep and goats, and how farming is done in NZ. Then we’ll walk a goat to the milking shed. There, Junko will show you how to hand milk a goat so you will be able to get milk out of a goat with no experience!
After that, we’ll take some hay down the hill to our other cows. They will come running up to meet us.
We have some gear for you to wear
We’ll have farm jackets and gumboots for you to wear, even the children, so you won’t have to worry when goats start chewing your jacket, or when you have to walk in the mud. We’ll show you our workshop where we make goat milk soap and lanolin skin sticks.
You will have a chance to try out and purchase our farm-made Milk Relief Soap™ and Lano Relief Skin Stick™ products with cash, VISA or Mastercard.
Book through Air BnB Experiences for one of the early afternoon tours.
We do not do free tours, even for our best customers, we’re sorry. If you wish to buy soap and say hello to a goat through the fence, that is perfectly ok. That, is not a tour.
If you are not a member of Air BnB. Join free using this link. www.airbnb.co.nz/c/junkos67

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Sam Jewel September 2, 2020

so cute

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