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Goats Eating Hay 2020-08-10


Goats Eating Hay 2020-08-10

The reason why I uploaded this video, Goats Eating Hay 2020-08-10, is because I know some of you just love watching goats. This short video is for you.

Goat Milk Soap NZ milking goats are eating hay.

They have been eating grass, so they are not as busy as they are usually are if they are very hungry. We are about 6 weeks from the end of the winter months if you think winter here in Fiordland New Zealand finishes on around the 20 something day of September. Some of the goats are pregnant. The problem is we are not sure which ones! White hair milking goats like ours are not known for showing their baby bumps because they are so long between hips and shoulders. The hay they eat today will go toward the effort of keeping them a good weight. If they don’t get enough nice food to eat they could become extremely thin.

In the second half of the video, there is a male with horns. The vet tried to take the horns off, but it didn’t work too well. Because he is no longer a working male, we don’t think he will present a danger to himself, the other goats or humans. That is why he still has a horn.

Who is behind this Goat Milk Soap NZ blog?

Goats Eating Hay 2020-08-10 Goat Milk Soap NZ Blog
Article by Neil Smith

I’m Marketing Dad at the Smith Family Soapmakers. We’ve been part of the “maker community” since mum’s cousin came back from a visit to “Rocky”, where she watched a clip on the Brady Bunch, about a woman with goats. But let’s back up a bit. We had a need for a better way to clean so we went with “goat” and started making our own soap.

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