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2020 Newborn Goat Babies Videos from August

2020 Newborn Goat Babies

2020 Newborn Goat Babies

The 2020 Newborn Goat Babies are due to become famous. Well, as famous as the number of views on Facebook and YouTube will allow.

We started the season with triplets being born. That is the first time ever we have had 3 live births from one mother. So far we have 10 kids from 5 live births, and there appears to be more on the way.

Here are some more of those cute wee tot in the videos. We do not appear to have a video of the triplets on their own.

The arrival of the 2020 newborn goat babies may lead to a new goat herd order

Penny, a goat whole grandmother was raised in Southbridge has been challenging the current herd queen. It’s an interesting development that Mr James Simpson of Southbridge would be proud of.

Ooch! Miss Irene Ramsey of Middlemarch may not approve! The herd queen is from good Middlemarch (Kowai) blood, she is related Prudence. Penny is from equally good Southbridge (Southbridge) blood, and has some bloodlines from the very strong Strontian line, I believe.

The kids’ father is also from the Strontian Sable Saanen line.

But to most of you, they are just cute wee tots. To us, they are the future soap milk suppliers.

Tell me what you think. We’d love to hear from you.

About the YouTube Channel

The Neil Smith YouTube Channel was started in Oxford, New Zealand, after we moved the farm from Homebush, Darfield. Now we are in Te Anau, Fiordland, New Zealand we have begun to upload regular videos of goat life, and some of the sheep and cows too. Our business, Shy Sheep Limited will benefit from the strength of the YouTube channel. The more likes, and channel subscriptions the better. Feel free to share with others.

Who is behind this Goat Milk Soap NZ blog?

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Article by Neil Smith

I’m Marketing Dad at the Smith Family Soapmakers. We’ve been part of the “maker community” since mum’s cousin came back from a visit to “Rocky”, where she watched a clip on the Brady Bunch, about a woman with goats. But let’s back up a bit. We had a need for a better way to clean so we went with “goat” and started making our own soap.

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