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Goats Eat Wilding Pines 2020-09-01


Goats Eat Wilding Pines 2020-09-01

Would the New Zealand government let goats eat wilding pines? The government are spending millions and more millions of dollars on flying helicopters and spraying wilding pines. Those that have their opinion listened to say that is the most cost-effective way to beat wilding pines. I say there are alternatives, and one of them is goats. Another is the practise of mob grazing sheep. But that is not the topic of my video.

This video talks about how I use my goats to consume the excess growth from pines at the roadside at our farm.

Letting goats eat wilding pines to control them would require temporary fencing and human supervision. It’s a business opportunity for someone.

We keep our goats on the grass. So we have to transport branches for them. Of course, if their noses can reach a branch they like, they won’t let it go uneaten!

You’ll recall from the last video posted on the blog, they were browsing under Oregon trees otherwise known as Douglas Fir. They happily eat anything from there that is accessible too. Goats eat wilding pines because they are tall. The general rule of roots is that the taller the plant the deeper the roots. The general rule of grazing stock is, the deeper the root, the better the source of nutrients. That is why Merino Sheep love tussock, and farmers say that tussock is good tucker for sheep (and goats).

Who is behind this Goat Milk Soap NZ blog?

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Article by Neil Smith

I’m Marketing Dad at the Smith Family Soapmakers. We’ve been part of the “maker community” since mum’s cousin came back from a visit to “Rocky”, where she watched a clip on the Brady Bunch, about a woman with goats. But let’s back up a bit. We had a need for a better way to clean so we went with “goat” and started making our own soap.

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