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Goats Eating Hay 2020-08-10

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Goats Eating Hay 2020-08-10 The reason why I uploaded this video, Goats Eating Hay 2020-08-10, is because I know some of you just love watching goats. This short video is for you. Goat Milk Soap NZ milking goats are eating hay. They have been eating grass, so they are not as busy as they are […]

New kids born last winter day 2018

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Goat_Milk_Soap_2018_08_31_New boy_kids
Beautiful boy goat kids, less than one day old Our buck which served the mother (doe) obviously has a colour gene. These twins are anything but identical. Your online soap purchase will not provide you with identical bars either. Each bar is slightly different to the one next to it. But they share the same […]

Goats hate rain!

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This particular goat was sold, with her daughter at the time, because she didn’t fit in the herd. (Now she is back and accepted again by the others). We’ve learnt over time that goats hate rain. It doesn’t take long to work that out. But on a recent trip to another goat farm I was […]

Why our soap is called Milk Relief

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Goat’s milk has been well known to be capable of making the mildest of soaps even for the most sensitive and allergic skin. Studies have shown that soaps made with goat’s milk instead of water have almost the same pH (acidity) level as human skin, so it helps to keep the optimum pH balance for […]

Animal welfare: Are our goats loved?

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Our goats are loved and they pass on their love to you through the milk in the soap Those who know goats and animals can probably read the story from the picture. But for everyone else, let me tell you what is going on. The goats are in an unfamiliar surroundings,  and they are a […]

Do goats like frost?

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Every frosty night the goats are found in the middle of the biggest paddock (field) they have access to, and often some are scattered far from the others. They seem to love it. Milking goats are known to have thin skin, and very little to keep them warm, unlike their wooly cousins, the Mohair goats. […]