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New kids born last winter day 2018

Goat_Milk_Soap_2018_08_31_New boy_kids

Beautiful boy goat kids, less than one day old

Our buck which served the mother (doe) obviously has a colour gene. These twins are anything but identical.

Your online soap purchase will not provide you with identical bars either. Each bar is slightly different to the one next to it. But they share the same ingredients, just like these twin boy goats.

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About your host, Junko & Neil, of the Smith Family Soapmakers.
We’ve hosted probably over a thousand guests at our farmstay, and we’ve now been Superhosts for 9 consecutive quarters. We have always offered a guided farm tour and the goat milking experience to our guests. We have milking goats and cows, plus a friendly old border collie.
Now you can experience our guided farm tour as well as buying our soap online.
While we walk around our farm, I’ll talk about trees, birds, animals and the natural history of New Zealand, particularly the Fiordland area. You will also find out how farming is done in NZ compared to other countries.
What is included in the $30 per adult, price.
Junko will point out some trees and items of interest in our garden as part of an introduction to the natural history of NZ. Then she’ll take you on our farm. Our dog, goats and cow are friendly, and they’ll come right up to you for a pat. Climb to the highest part of our farm, where you’ll see a glimpse of Lake Te Anau, the largest lake in the South Island.
You will hear about the rare native birds that are found in Fiordland National Park, as you look at the mountains all around you. You will also find out the differences between sheep and goats, and how farming is done in NZ. Then we’ll walk a goat to the milking shed. There, Junko will show you how to hand milk a goat so you will be able to get milk out of a goat with no experience!
After that, we’ll take some hay down the hill to our other cows. They will come running up to meet us.
We have some gear for you to wear
We’ll have farm jackets and gumboots for you to wear, even the children, so you won’t have to worry when goats start chewing your jacket, or when you have to walk in the mud. We’ll show you our workshop where we make goat milk soap and lanolin skin sticks.
You will have a chance to try out and purchase our farm-made Milk Relief Soap™ and Lano Relief Skin Stick™ products with cash, VISA or Mastercard.
Book through Air BnB Experiences for one of the early afternoon tours.
We do not do free tours, even for our best customers, we’re sorry. If you wish to buy soap and say hello to a goat through the fence, that is perfectly ok. That, is not a tour.
If you are not a member of Air BnB. Join free using this link. www.airbnb.co.nz/c/junkos67

Extended offer until Midnight on Sunday 12th August


Yes, I called….

Neil is calling past customers, from 027 489 6141. It is true, and authentic.

Neil Smith - Milk Relief Soap™
A photo from Oxford, New Zealand. Yes, that was a a few years ago now.

What is the gift? A free soap bar with a bank deposit order at GoatMilkSoap.co.nz

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Thanks for giving us a break, by taking up this opportunity, in a timely way.

Kind regards

Neil and Junko Smith – The Smith Family Soapmakers

Gift for bank deposit orders before Thursday midnight.


Yes, I called….

Neil is calling past customers, from 027 489 6141. It is true, and authentic.

Neil Smith - Milk Relief Soap™

What is the gift? A free soap bar with a bank deposit order at GoatMilkSoap.co.nz

How can you do it?

  1. Make an order, and choose bank deposit at the checkout or
  2. Email using the contact form, and tell us what you would like to order.

Here are our bank account details:

Shy Sheep Limited 12-3147-0321590-00 (ASB Bank) or

Shy Sheep Limited 38-9012-0621542-00 (Kiwi Bank)

Thanks for giving us a break, by taking up this opportunity, in a timely way.

Kind regards

Neil and Junko Smith – The Smith Family Soapmakers

Goats hate rain!


MIlk Relief Soap | Keeping warm on a wet, cool autumn day.
This particular goat was sold, with her daughter at the time, because she didn’t fit in the herd. (Now she is back and accepted again by the others).

We’ve learnt over time that goats hate rain. It doesn’t take long to work that out. But on a recent trip to another goat farm I was struck by how plump and prosperous their 20+ goats were. Then while I was trudging around in the wet one night recently, checking on the goats in their huts, I came to fully realise another important aspect of goat health. Drafts in their huts make them lose weight.

I blocked a draft in one of the goats’ huts, and within 48 hours that struggling goat was looking much happier and the weight gain has started to take shape!

Happy goat: happy milk. Happy milk, happy soap! That’s why we’re here – for your happy soap so it doesn’t irritate your sensitive skin.

If you need some more soap, feel free to buy some. We’ll gladly send it to you. Just one thing, it’s important to buy it from the right page.

We have two online shops for New Zealanders. And we have two layers of pricing for those overseas. So in summary, Milk Relief Soap is sold on this site for delivery in New Zealanders, for delivery in Australia  click on the word Australia, and delivery anywhere else other than New Zealand and Australia click here.

If you’d like to promote our soap to a retailer, feel free to do so. You can do that by directing them to our brand website, www.MilkReliefSoap.com, our Facebook page or Google+ page. Google.com/Milkrelief. Just tell us who you made contact with, and encourage them to join our MilkRelief.com email list. Thank you for your continuing interest in our soap!

Why our soap is called Milk Relief

Farm fresh goat milk

Goat Milk – Goat Milk Soap

Goat’s milk has been well known to be capable of making the mildest of soaps even for the most sensitive and allergic skin. Studies have shown that soaps made with goat’s milk instead of water have almost the same pH (acidity) level as human skin, so it helps to keep the optimum pH balance for human skin and hair. Human skin and hair have a slightly acidic layer which protects them from viral, bacterial and chemical invasions. Goat milk soap does not overpower this natural acidic layer of our skin and hair, while other soaps can alter the pH with their strong alkaline base. Goat’s milk soap does not strip away natural acids and oils and leave the skin dry and uncomfortable, but keeps the skin protected and moisturised. Read more here.

Thank you for your continuing interest in our soap. Tell your friends, and invite them to our site, to sign up for the updates too.

Kind regards,


Neil Smith and the Soap Making Team

Animal welfare: Are our goats loved?


Our goats are loved and they pass on their love to you through the milk in the soap

Milk Relief Soap goats are loved like pets

Milk Relief Soap goats are loved like pets

Those who know goats and animals can probably read the story from the picture. But for everyone else, let me tell you what is going on.

The goats are in an unfamiliar surroundings,  and they are a bit nervous. Notice the tail of the goat on the far right? The tail is curled down, and like with a dog, that means that things are not quite right. The goat with a human left hand on its shoulder is wondering what the person taking the photo is about to do next.

They are in a horse stable with straw on the floor.

The goat on the far left is a kid, just a few months old. There are three generations of one goat family in this photo, and that is the way we farm them. There is no “Kid’s paddock”.

This summer the weather in Canterbury is decidedly autumnal most of the time, with the odd day at 32° C. So the goats are shedding their coats, and getting new layers of hair. They are also eating hay like there is no tomorrow because they think they will be pregnant soon. They think it is April, the poor souls.

The good news is that because of the cooler weather we still have plenty of green grass in the pasture. We even bought back some goats that had left our herd. When we collected them we found them in goat heaven, under trees in South Canterbury.

They are near relations of many of the herd, and soon fitted in to our herd like they had been here all along.

If you have been a customer of ours for a while, thanks for supporting us! If you are new, welcome!

Bye for now,


Neil Smith


Neil Smith

Neil Smith

Do goats like frost?


Goats love to sleep out on frosty nightsEvery frosty night the goats are found in the middle of the biggest paddock (field) they have access to, and often some are scattered far from the others. They seem to love it.

Milking goats are known to have thin skin, and very little to keep them warm, unlike their wooly cousins, the Mohair goats. As a result, they absolutely hate rain and getting wet. But I’ve always wondered why they insist on sleeping in wide open places on a frosty night.

So the big question is, how is it that goats can keep warm if they sleep in frosty conditions with air temperatures of 2-3 degrees or even -2 or -3 degrees or lower?

The answer is found in the feed they have available to them. We feed our milking goats with high quality spray free hay which is often still green, even though it has been baled some 6 months before. They love this meadow hay, and the rough texture of it suits them well.

The hay ferments in their multiple stomachs, and keeps them warm, from the inside out. So while their bellies are digesting, they are keeping warm, and best of all, those that are capable are also making milk ready for the morning as well. Last year we ran out of their favourite hay near the end of winter. So we looked for some meadow hay, and of course it wasn’t up to their standard!

Well, you’d think they had blue (royal) blood or something. I guess they ate more frosty grass at the end of winter last year. Of course they did manage to eat some of the different hay, but they didn’t eat as much. We find the quality and the volume of the milk is dependent on the minerals they eat, and the hay they devour as much as the grass they eat, the water they drink. The better it all is, the better the milk.

We make soap with some of that milk. The milking mothers don’t need to feed their kids at this time of year. As you can see above, the daughter on the left is nearly as big as the mother on the right foreground, they both eat the same foods now.


When do goats produce milk?

Goats have kids, and we let the kids drink from their mothers, and then we take the left over milk.

Goats have kids, and we let the kids drink from their mothers, and then we take the left over milk.

A reader asked us an important question

Here it is.

(Q) Do the goats need to be made pregnant or if they are milked when they naturally become pregnant? The cow dairy industry is just so sad, it would be nice to be able to recommend other types of milk to people that doesn’t exploit the animals xx

(A) There are goats that come into milk by themselves, but mostly we wait for them to call out for a male goat and take them for a visit. We also milk those that come into milk by themselves!

Normally when they reach 18 months to two years we wait for them to come into season a couple of times, and they go off and frolic with a male goat. We don’t use artificial insemination.

So we have two type of milkers, “maiden milkers” and “married milkers”. If the goat is not up to it they stay away from the men for a couple of years, then when they are stronger we put them out when they call for it, which is something you really can’t help but notice!

Hair treatment: natural hair treatment for tangled hair


Do you have tangled hair every day (even after a shower)?

Hair treatment Milk Relief Soap™

This goat herd enjoys tangle free hair with Milk Relief Soap™

Let’s ask the goat herd what her secret to tangle free hair is.

[Milk Relief Store] What is your secret to tangle free hair?

[Goat herd] Brush it with a wide tooth comb in the shower.

[Milk Relief Store] No kidding? Well if it was that easy, why isn’t everyone enjoying tangle free long hair?

[GH] Well actually, I brush it before I get into the shower with a normal hair brush. After I wet my hair, and soap it with Milk Relief Soap™ I massage my scalp with my fingers, while it is still soapy. Then I rinse the hair with shower water.

Because of the vigorous massage, the hair becomes tangled, so I brush it with a wide tooth comb, while it is still wet.

[Milk Relief Store] Okay, how do you dry your hair then now it is tangle free?

[GH] I put it in a turban made with an old towel. The less Terrycloth the better that is why old towels are better.

So after the hair is dry, then I brush it again. So that is how I keep my hair tangle free.

[Milk Relief Store] Well thanks for that! We hope that this has been useful for some of you out there.

Got fine hair?

If you have fine, long hair this technique might suit you. Everyone at our house uses Milk Relief Soap™ to wash their hair. Some of us also use Coconut Oil as well. We’ve attached a blog post from the Coconut Oil Shop, in it there are some articles about coconut oil for hair. We know that as soon as one person recommends a hair treatment, another person will say, “That won’t suit me!”

Here is another hair treatment using Milk Relief Soap™ and Virgin Coconut Oil.

Milk Relief Soap™ as Shampoo and Coconut Oil for Conditioner

The hair treatment routine above involved no conditioner at all. Another home grown hair treatment which one member of the team uses Apple Cider Vinegar and Virgin Coconut Oil.

You have a shallow bowl ready in your shower, fill it with hot water, and put in maybe a tablespoon of vinegar (organic apple cider vinegar is best) and a tiny wee drop of oil (optional – virgin coconut oil is best). You then dip your hair in the bowl and swish it around a bit to make sure vinegar water has made contact with most of your hair. Once it’s done, pour the remaining vinegar water over the back of your head. Rinse under the shower and you are done. [Caution: Just put a tiny wee drop of oil in the bowl. Too much oil will make your hair oily!]

We have not felt it necessary to do a vinegar rinse since we started using Milk Relief Soap™, because this soap doesn’t alter our hair’s pH too much and strip it of all its natural oils. We come out of the shower, and our hair is back to its normal silky state within minutes. However, if you are going straight from conventional shampoo + conditioner to a bar of soap only, you may feel the need to use a vinegar rinse at least for a time. After a while, your hair will adjust just fine, at least from our experience.

Note: Milk Relief Soap™ does not contain synthetic detangling agents found in commercial shampoos and conditioners, so if you have long hair, brushing it before washing may be a good idea. Vinegar rinse will help in this respect, too.

One of the reasons we decided to make Milk Relief Soap™ was so that we could have hair without tangles, and without nasty chemicals.

My opinion on tangles (an opinion from a man without much hair)

Neil Smith

Neil Smith

I remember doing the girls hair in the bath, when they were little. It used to drive me mad that their hair would get all tangled after I’d finished washing their hair with shampoo! In those days we used all natural hair shampoo, and it required conditioner (all natural conditioner) to detangle their hair. These days we still have little ones.  They are are Little sister and little brother to the now older ones. If we wash these little ones’ hair well enough with Milk Relief Soap™ they don’t get tangled hair.

But don’t take my word for it. What would I know? I’m just a man with next to no hair.

This one thing I do know

I used to suffer terribly with dandruff. But now that I have been taking a 160 ml jar of Ancient Wisdom Extra Virgin Coconut Oil into the shower to melt, I’ve had less trouble. Would you like to know what I’ve been doing with that jar of Virgin Coconut Oil?

I wet my hair, pour coconut oil into my hand, and rub it, and massage it into my scalp. Then I wash it off with Milk Relief Soap™.

It’s simple. Almost too simple really. So simple I decided to add another aspect to it. That is to put some coconut oil on my face too – after shaving.

So now we’ve spilled some of our hair care treatment secrets, hopefully some of you will be brave enough to count up how much you spend on shampoo and conditioner every month or so. You may be surprised! It might be worthwhile considering using soap, apple cider vinegar, and Virgin Coconut Oil instead.

You may even like to try Milk Relief Soap™. It’s all natural, take a look at the ingredients, if you haven’t already.


Take the hint. Click on the red button and find out about the ingredients if you haven’t already done so.

Everything broke me out on the skin


This is from a real email we received from one of our customers in the US in April 2013. Text, name and photo used by permission.

I was ready to give up finding a natural soap

Natural care for eczema and psoriasis.

“I got to the stage where I was determined to find a natural soap without chemicals for my son that wouldn’t break him out in eczema.”

I got to the stage where I was determined to find a natural soap without chemicals for my son that wouldn’t break him out in eczema. I’ve tried soaps world famous for their gentleness on the skin. Famous olive oil, castile, and goat milk soaps. Every one of them caused me to itch with a rash from head to toe.

Everything broke me out on the skin

While waiting for my order to arrive I purchased another goats milk soap in the States which came in 3 days. Although it had very pure ingredients (olive oil and goat milk) it caused little circular eczema patches on my skin, and my left arm. My biggest frustration in my search for a natural soap was that everything broke me out on the skin.

I am very impressed with how it doesn’t irritate mine, or my sons skin.

Milk Relief Soap™ is great! Your soap is so gentle I can use it on my face, and and as shampoo on my son. It was the first time he didn’t scream that soap was in his eyes. With every other shampoo or soap (even after its been rinsed ) it still gets in his eyes when the water streams down his face even though I thought I had rinsed him clean? It’s a constant battle washing his hair, and look forward to tearless shampooing.

Sarah B.
Mclean, VA, USA

Now that you’ve read about one person’s experience with Milk Relief Soap™ perhaps you’d like to know what the soap is made of. Check out the ingredients page, and you’ll see what all the fuss is about – you can eat all up two of the ingredients. All the other ingredients are organic, and food grade. We don’t put cheap ingredients in this soap.

So take the hint, and check out the ingredients now by clicking on the red button below.

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