Milk Relief Soap 6 Bars
Goat Milk Soap Palm Oil Free Natural Care For Eczema and PsoriasisMilk Relief Soap with Box

Milk Relief Soap™ 6 bars


Goat Milk Soap New Zealand Palm Oil Free | Unscented for sensitive skin. Natural care for eczema and psoriasis. Palm Oil Free 6 bars Milk Relief Soap™. NZ postage additional. Milk Relief Soap™ – Proudly Made in New Zealand from scratch at our farm in Te Anau, Fiordland, in the South Island.

Shipped within 1-2 business days directly from the farm.

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Product Description

Goat Milk Soap 6 Bars | Milk Relief Soap™ 6 bars | Goat Milk Soap NZ

Firstly, features of Goat Milk Soap 6 Bars | Natural cleaning for mindful skin.

  • Net weight: approx. 70 g/2.5 oz when packed
  • Handmade pure goat’s milk soap
  • Gets you clean
  • Easy on the skin
  • A 100% natural alternative to commercial body lotion
  • Absolutely no palm oil is used (ZERO Palm oil)
  • Minimal ingredients (fewer ingredients is better for sensitive skin)
  • No hydrogenated oils
  • No perfumes, chemicals or dyes
  • Full list of ingredients can be read here
  • Production method: Traditional cold process in small batches
  • Proudly made in Te Anau, Fiordland, Southland, New Zealand, and shipped directly from our farm
  • Made in #MySouthland, #FiordlandNZ

Second, there are no chemicals, perfumes or dies in our products

When I was a child, in our bathroom we had pink soap, blue soap, white soap, all sorts of colours. Most of it came from the shop. They were not handmade soaps. The truth is, they were either not actually soap, or they were dyed.  But we the Smith Family Soapmakers don’t produce that type of product. We make Milk Relief Soap™ for folk who value no scent and no dye.

Are the goat milk soap 6 bars unscented?

Yes, we make all our soap and the skincare sticks unscented. Some people who have had trouble with goat milk soap in the past may have had trouble with the scent or the additive which has been used to create the scent.

Are the goat milk soap 6 bars earth-friendly?

Yes, we make all our soap and the skincare sticks with bio-degradable ingredients and packaging.

Are the goat milk soap 6 bars made without chemicals?

Yes, we make all our soap and the skincare sticks “without chemicals”. In truth, every physical thing has chemicals. But we make our products with naturally occurring substances, which includes the use of sodium hydroxide (lye). The lye converts (changes) into soap, so it is not harmful to touch. Every part of the ingredients converts into soap, as a natural reaction to being heated at a low temperature. That is why we say our products are made without chemicals. They are 100% natural. There are no parabens in the soap. We used no SLS or Sodium Laurel Sulphate.

Third, does this soap behave like other soap? (Does it lather?)

Here are 3 things to consider about your Milk Relief Soap™.

1. Lather. There are soaps and detergent bars (which are not soap at all) which have added SLES, or sodium lauryl ether sulphate. We are lead to believe it is an “inexpensive and very effective foaming agent”, by Google. We make our soap with no SLES. But it still lathers. In fact, it has been described as having a “rich silky lather”.

2. Moisture after use. Natural soaps absorb moisture and go soft when left in a place where they can’t dry off. So the length of time you can use this soap will be determined in part by it being left to drain off moisture freely between use. In addition, the weight of the bar of the soap will be determined by the moisture inside it. So older, drier soaps will weigh slightly less than other ones. But they all clean.

3. Drying effect on the skin. Due to the effect of manufactured chemicals such as SLES, a foaming agent, or the removal off natural assets from the soap during the commercial soapmaking process, some soap is very drying. Our soap is designed not to be drying on the skin. However, some people still need extra care for sensitive skin. That is why we make Lano Relief Skin Stick as well.

Fourth, will this soap bother my allergies?

We have created Milk Relief Soap™ as a goat milk soap for mindful skin. Every possible care has been taken to avoid a situation where the skin is irritated by this product. Skin responds to both internal and external things. Your skin may react to something going on inside your body, and that will have nothing to do with the soap you used. But on another day, the soap you used may cause trouble for your skin.

As an example of what we would expect of this soap, It has been said, and it is our experience, that this soap has not bothered or irritated skin which normally feels itchy after a shower.

Fifth, do people think this is a gentle soap?

We have created Milk Relief Soap™ to clean in a gentle way by using the right combination of ingredients. Adding a larger proportion of Coconut Oil, for example, will create a harsher cleaning experience.

Sixth, can I use this soap for babies?

Yes, you can. We have used this soap on babies, from their first day alive. Keep it away from the eyes.

Seventh, can I use this for hair as a shampoo?

Yes, this can be used wherever hair grows – on your arms and legs, etc. It can be used as a shampoo. Sometimes when people use Milk Relief Soap™ for shampoo for the very first time they get a very “squeaky clean” feeling on their hair. But their skin is fine, and their hair returns to feeling normal after another wash or two.