4 Bars Monthly Subscription



Nationwide Courier Included!

This is a great way to secure your soap to make sure you never run out. Postage is included for this option, even rural. Only available within NZ. Bank deposit (automatic payment) option only. Minimum 3 months, please.

We’ll send you 4 x Milk Relief Soap™ at the same time every month. Please set up a monthly NZ$30 automatic payment with your bank when you make the first payment. Please include your name and “Monthly” in the reference field. The first order will be sent like a normal single order upon payment confirmation.

From the following month onwards, we’ll automatically email you an invoice once a month a couple of days before the scheduled dispatch. We’ll send the soap to you as soon as the payment is confirmed.

You can stop the subscription any time after the initial 3 months period (3 orders) by replying to our email by writing “stop subscription” in the email body.

Please select the Bank Deposit option at checkout. No postage will be added.

Same Quality. Happy Goats. No Boxes!!

Our costs have skyrocketed but we didn’t want to increase our soap prices or skimp on our beloved goats’ mineral supplementation. So no soap boxes for now. We will send naked soap. Thank you for your understanding.