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About the Smith Family Soapmakers

Smith Family Goat Milk Soapmaker in 2015

Smith Family Goat Milk Soapmakers 2015

The Smith Family Soapmakers

Our family (taken Aug 2010)

We were just an average family oblivious to the real health or environmental issues…

We, the Goat Milk Soapmakers (Smith Family of Te Anau), are located close to a small town called Te Anau, Fiordland, in the South Island of New Zealand. If you’ve been to Milford Sound, you must have driven through Te Anau, because there’s no other routes to Milford Sound.

We were fairly complacent about health issues until we became parents. We bought food and everyday items that happened to be on special at supermarkets like everyone else, did and ate what the doctor recommended, and believed what we saw and read in the media about foods we should and shouldn’t eat.

We used well-advertised brands of soap, shampoo and other household detergents because we felt “safe” using familiar brands we recognized. Besides, we always tried buying the milder and more environmentally-friendly products among them. We believed in advertising ploys. If a certain brand of soap was advertised as more gentle and moisturizing to the skin than other brands, we bought it, but we didn’t study or compare ingredients. Well, we couldn’t have recognized most of the ingredients on the packaging anyway… Our skin suffered as a result, but we just sighed and thought it was just life, and we had to live with the irritations in our lives.

It all started with our first baby with severe eczema

Little did we know that our first child was going to arrive in the world with so many ailments that the modern world brings. Eczema, asthma, food allergies and sensitivities to name a few. The severity of such conditions as our son had startled and scared us constantly, and we often feared for his life. We were desperate for a solution so that our son could thrive. Then our true journey to healthy living began.

Our soapmaking starts in the milking shed

Our soapmaking starts in the milking shed

Our journey has yet a long way to go, but we have found great many things in the process. A few of them, such as the benefits of using pure soap made the old-fashioned way both to our health and to the environment, have been life-changing for us. Milk Relief Soap™ was born out of our desire to serve those who suffer from skin allergies and sensitivities worldwide by offering premium gentle unscented NZ goat’s milk soap that powerfully cleans at prices families can afford for everyday use.

Enjoying Fresh Goat's Milk

Our son enjoying delicious fresh goat’s milk

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