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Do you hate using soap because it dries your skin?

Washing hands with Milk Relief Soap™, Goat Milk Soap: designed especially for one family’s hypersensitive skin. Be sure to bookmark this site. Tell your friends about it.

Goat Milk Soap Offers Dry Skin Sufferers Hope

We make goat milk soap because dry skin is a common problem. One common solution to dry skin is to layer the skin with man-made products from a factory. Of course, these factory-made solutions are consistent, convenient, and widely available. But our family prefers natural skincare options. That’s why we started making goat milk soap.

We know exactly how bad “dry skin” feels. Our family have all suffered from dry skin, and our customers tell us how they hate the drying feeling soap has given them. That “stripped of all it’s oil” feeling on their skin. So, the purpose of this site is to offer dry skin suffers hope. The Smith Family Soapmakers create natural care products for dry skin, eczema and psoriasis.

The purpose of our goat milk soap

Milk Relief Soap™ was designed especially for one family’s hypersensitive skin. We needed something which cleans and was easy on the skin. We didn’t want an artificial solution or a store-bought detergent bar. We wanted natural care for our skin. As you browse through the site you’ll learn a little about how we came to create our unique simple soap for those who can’t use soap. I mean, it’s so simple it’s almost too much to believe.

Having had so much trouble with soap in the past, hearing Milk Relief Soap™ was “good for your skin” was very hard to believe.

“I thought to myself ‘Unscented’ is easy to believe. But I’m going to have to see if it’s true when they say that ‘it’s going to be very good for your skin.’ Having had so much trouble with soap in the past, it was very hard to believe.

This sounds a little extreme – but I’ve had to use face wash for super-sensitive skin to clean myself because it was the only thing my body would not react strongly to. Now I can use Milk Relief Soap™. It is simple and earth-friendly – ‘pure’ is the best word I can think of to describe it.

Since I’ve started using it, I actually look forward to using Milk Relief Soap™ every morning. I feel, ‘oh this is so nice!’ It’s just a pleasure to use it. Best of all – I feel clean! I never realized how the face wash didn’t clean well at all.”

Milk Relief Soap Lovers - Marina-ChaseMarina Brito, a satisfied customer
DC Metro Area, USA

I remember not being able to get your soap after the Christchurch earthquake

“I am a long time customer. As an eczema sufferer, I love this soap. I remember not being able to get your soap after the Christchurch earthquake and that the epicentre of the September 2010 quake was right under your farm* – thanks for all your hard work!!

Cathy Clarke 80x80Cathy Clark, a long time customer
Waikato, New Zealand.

And of course, you can’t tell much about our goat milk soap from this page. To take a site tour is FREE.

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Enjoy your stay here. Be sure to bookmark this goat milk soap site. And tell your friends about it. We have met a surprising number of people who can’t use soap because of their sensitive skin. You, too, can enjoy the luxurious lather of a pure mild bar of soap which is natural care for skin, even with eczema and psoriasis.

Have fun!

*The September 2010 Darfield earthquake epicentre was only a few kilometres from us, and it certainly felt like it was under our farm!