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Which locations are our products available for delivery?

Milk Relief Soap is available on and Lano Relief Skinsticks, are only available for overseas delivery. We will not make any more of these sticks for sale. Kawakawa Skinsticks are currently only available for New Zealand delivery. These sticks will replace Lano Relief Sticks on the site.

products available for delivery in New Zealand

Above you can see the current product lineup. Kawakawa Skinsticks and Milk Relief Soap. Lano Relief Skinsticks will be fazed out. They are no longer available for delivery in New Zealand, from Friday 28th of June, 2024. Lano Relief Skinsticks are currently only available for delivery outside New Zealand.

Discover the Availability of Our Unique Relief Products

At our company, Shy Sheep Limited, we pride ourselves on offering high-quality, specialized products.

Our products are designed to bring comfort and temporary relief to our customers. Whether you’re looking for soothing skin solutions or specialized care products, we have something for everyone. Below, you’ll find information about where you can purchase our various products, including Milk Relief Soap, Lano Relief Skinsticks, and Kawakawa Skinsticks.

Milk Relief Soap

Milk Relief Soap is a product loved by users because it is known for its gentle and nourishing properties. Users believe it is perfect for itchy skin, providing a soothing cleanse without creating itchiness. We’re pleased that Milk Relief Soap is widely available:

– **Online**: You can purchase Milk Relief Soap from both online stores. This makes it easy for customers to buy this soothing soap from the comfort of their homes, in most locations.

Kawakawa Skinsticks

Kawakawa Skinsticks harness the power of the Kawakawa plant, renowned for its natural healing properties. These skinsticks are designed to soothe irritated skin and provide natural temporary relief. Availability is currently focused on our home market:

– **New Zealand**: Kawakawa Skinsticks are exclusively available for delivery within New Zealand. Our local customers can easily access this incredible product, and we are exploring options to expand our shipping capabilities in the future.

Lano Relief Skinsticks

Lano Relief Skinsticks are a fantastic option for those who need targeted skin relief. Lanolin, a product of sheep wool is the base of these skinsticks. It offers deep moisturization and healing properties. The inclusion of Lanolin makes them ideal for moisturising dry or cracked skin.

Kawakawa Skinsticks have Lanolin in them. However, availability is currently limited to specific regions:

– **Overseas**: Lano Relief Skinsticks are only available for purchase in overseas markets. We have limited stock while we faze the product out. For now, international customers can enjoy the benefits of this exceptional product, while stocks last.