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GoatMilkSoapNZ 18 October 2020 Goats resting video

Goats Resting episode 18 October 2020

18 October 2020 | Do these goats look like their resting?

Some do, and three don’t. Is that because life is just too interesting? Or are they guard goats?

The latest video from the GoatMilkSoapNZ playlist is Goat Resting episode 18 October 2020. It was taken on a calm sunny day in Spring at the GoatMilkSoapNZ farm. Goats are resting, chewing their cud, and some are making milk. #GoatWatch the video now.

The Smith Family Soapmaker’s channel, Neil Smith is a #GoatWatch channel. We post videos of goats, their kids, and related scenery. We are currently posting often.

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