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Do Milk Goats Bite Ears To Compete For Food?

Is it ok for goats to butt heads and bite ears just to eat food?

Video of healthy goat behaviour in the shed at feeding time. (They graze grass outside during the day).

It’s true.

Milk goats bite the ears of herd mates to compete for food.

It’s normal and fear of missing out means they eat more food.

Humans are not goats.

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Summer 2023 Goat Baby Surprise

Summer 2023 has been punctuated by the arrival of goat babies. In September 2022 we posted a video of a goat with a swollen belly. Well, she had twins. Then we posted a video on the YouTube of Grandma Goat. Let’s take a look at the first goat mentioned.

Goat’s first birth results in twin boys.

Here is another look at the same goats in the shed at night, again in the summer of 2023. The coloured goat pictured below is just photo bombing….

So that is the news from the white goat with the bulging belly.

I see that there have been no updates from the blog about Goat Milk Soap so far in the summer of 2023. We have been busy. I know that is no excuse. But it is a fact.

We have also run out of soap. But there is not being made. We’ll let you know when it is available.

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September 2022 Is it Soap-Free? Soap Question Answered

I have purchased your soap several times now, but I am wondering is it soap free?” See below the video for our response. This question arrived in September 2022, on the 30th, to be precise.

What’s in there? (Look on the left).

Shampoo bars vs The old-fashioned way

Thanks for getting in touch. To answer your question, no, Milk Relief Soap is not a soap-free cleaning bar. Milk Relief Soap is pure soap, made the old-fashioned way.

Some people consider all soap to be bad, so below we’ll paste a response we wrote in the past to one of our enquiries from someone who thought soap was bad because it contains lye.

If you hear of any real soap being made without lye, it’s an outright lie. It is most probably a “cleansing bar” which is a concoction of synthetic ingredients.

It’s impossible to make real soap without lye, but absolutely no lye is left in soap once the oils are turned into soap. There is absolutely no alternative around. For a solid bar of soap, you need sodium hydroxide. For liquid soap, you need potassium hydroxide. Both are considered lye.

You can read more about lye in soap making here:

We agree that mass-produced soap can be very harsh and drying for your skin, but properly-saponified handmade soap is the most gentle and natural cleanser around. Soap has been around for thousands of years.

“Soap free” cleansers have all sorts of trash in them which we avoid at all costs for our family. You should do some research into how good pure soap can be.

This testimonial was taken from a real email we received from our customer in the US. She gave us permission to use it, and even supplied a photo of herself with her son. You can see it on this page:

This is unedited straight from her email:

“The soap is great ! I am very impressed with how it doesn’t irritate mine, or my sons skin. While waiting for your soap to arrive I purchased another goats milk soap in the states which came in 3 days. Although, it had very pure ingredients ( olive oil, goat milk) it caused little circular eczema patches on my son, and my left arm.  

I was ready to give up on finding a natural soap as Aleppo, marseille, castile, and another goats milk soap all caused me to itch with a rash from head to toe.

Your soap is so gentle I can use it on my face, and and as shampoo on my son. It was the first time he didn’t scream that soap was in his eyes. With every other shampoo or soap (even after its been rinsed ) it still gets in his eyes when the water streams down his face even though I thought I had rinsed him clean? It’s a constant battle washing his hair, and look forward to tearless shampooing.”

Some of our customers who have switched from “soap free” facial & body wash to Milk Relief Soap™ tell us that they never realised how their “soap free” wash wasn’t actually cleaning their skin very well, although it was gentle enough. A bar of good true bar of soap will have a powerful cleansing ability and be really gentle at the same time.

September 2022 Farm Update

This goat is alive. But her baby born was stillborn. It’s sad. It’s farming. We move on.
September 2022 was a tough month for us. The first kid born for two years was not born alive.
September 2022 was a tough month for us. The first kid born for two years was not born alive.
Thanks for sitting still. It’s time for a nibble.

Thanks for reading. If you wish to know more about the soap, a great place to start is the ingredients page because we have a selection of 6 ingredients. 4 of them are common in every household, and one disappears.

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Rising Two Year Olds August 2022

These boys are around 2 years old. They are not brothers, and one is a lot skinnier than the other, just like their mothers. The third buck in this clip from August 2022 is not related to our herd.

His mother won the supreme milker award for the whole of New Zealand, from NZDGBA.

87.50 % of the viewers clicked the “Like Button” according to YouTube, on 25th of August, 2022.
August 2022
We are very grateful to the gentleman in red (For Canterbury) in allowing us to own a son of the Supreme Milker, Gold Award, from the NZDGBA. The white buck in the video is the son of the Gold Award winner.
Rising Two Year Olds August 2022 | What’s Happening? (Oh, I don’t know, I’d better nibble that itch anyway).

This site is a place where you can get goat milk soap for New Zealand orders. is a place where you can get goat milk soap for delivery to other locations.

One of the triplets knows where to get Goat Milk from Mama in August 2020!

Goats sunning themselves at the gate, August 2022.
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Goatastic July 2022 All Age Fun

July 2020 is cold in New Zealand. There is snow in Canterbury, and down here it was 4 degrees above zero until mid-afternoon one day.

July 2022 Goatastic All Age Fun
One of the 2020 triplets seems to think she is in trouble.

But we are still warmly welcoming new customers!

We are also still receiving really good feedback from existing customers. We appreciate that. See below what one of the customers has said.

Hello Prudence!

Thank you for your beautiful milk, and I hope you give your human parents a little head butt for their help in turning it into the most gorgeous soap. It has helped my skin problems so much and I love using it. I even wash my face with it and love how my skin doesn’t tingle afterwards. I am so happy to have found you and send you happy blessings.

Chris Bone – Canterbury, New Zealand

Thanks, Chris for the comments.

Goat Milk Soap New Zealand on
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Goat Kid and Kitty Reunion

Goat Kid and Kitty Reunion
What did the goat kid say to deserve this look?

The Goat Kid and Kitty Reunion. This Goat Kid video is 12 months old. The kitty had been for a wander, and we hadn’t been able to find her. Then she just turns up again and is all friendly.

Some of you will know what happened, just from those words… That was then, now we have 2 friendly cats. One is from a litter of 4 born in the barrel the goat kid and kitty are sleeping under.

Goat Milk Soap New Zealand channel shows you our approach to natural farming for care products for dry skin, eczema and psoriasis. Dry skin is a common problem, and a common solution is to layer the skin with man-made products from a factory. Of course, these factory-made solutions are consistent, convenient, and widely available. But our family prefers natural skincare options.

We created soap designed especially for one family’s hypersensitive skin.

After we get an order, they are shipped within 1-2 business days directly from the farm. No AMAZON! No middle man. You can buy direct from our farm, and you can see our goats in the field, right here on this channel, uploaded by the Smith Family Soapmakers.

The reunion of Goat Kid and Kitty was a year ago, at the time of this post. It is important to note that at the time of posting this, New Zealand post are providing great tracking for all of our orders. They are sent directly from our farm and factory.

Did you find this article interesting?

We, the Smith Family Soapmakers have a farm, and we post videos of the goats from time to time. We would love to share articles like this and farm updates with you by email. To find out more, click through to the newsletter page of this site. Firstly, let’s show some appreciation for those who have helped to get this content to you today.

Our communications with customers are enabled by two wonderful software. See below for details about what they do, and how they might help you too. (Affiliate links).

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October 2021 | Taking A Break With The Kids

October 2021 brought the 1 year anniversary for the triplets and some of our herd cohort. It was a tough 12 months!

October 2021 These kids appear in the channel banner, as of October 2021.

As farmers, we were looking forward to the arrival of the 12-month stage. Goat kids at 12 months are called yearlings, or goatlings. They change colour, develop personality and become more predictable.

July 2022.
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Goat Milk Mother Gives Salty Look

Why the goat milk mother gives salty look to the farmer. It’s because the farmer thought she looked very cute in front of the salt block, patiently waiting to be released from the stand. It appears that the goat doe did not see the point of having a video taken of her.

An exchange between the farmer and his goat doe at the end of the milking session.

The farmer is delighted that so far, over 3000 people have viewed this little exchange between him and the goat. What do you think about it? This video was filmed and uploaded around 4 weeks ago.

The Goat Milk Mother I’d like to show you is from a while ago. It is very short, and filmed in 2018. It captures a goat sneezing.

Finally, here is a short clip of the goats about their normal evening routine. Their normal life includes making sure that Goat Milk Mother remains superior to Goat Milk Teenager!

We are grateful to YouTube for allowing us to upload our videos, and make them accessible to you to consume and share with others. It certainly helps with selling soap! Not everyone wants to view soap ads every week. But a lot of people have fun watching animals be themselves.

Learn more about the Goat Milk Soap NZ YouTube channel in this video.

Our channel introduction video.

We have an email list you may wish to join it, and receive updates from us.

Goat Milk Soap or even the skincare stick is something that not everyone thinks of buying online. Sometimes the best approach to letting people know we exist and may be able to help them is to introduce them to our videos and other farm updates. That is why we are now posting some of our many videos on the email list.

Please feel free to join our email list, and share the emails with friends when they arrive.