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Old Website Is Trashed We’re Disappointed To Announce

The old website banner: there’s no room in the shed

We’ve yet to find the best place for the old website banner, even.

I went to “fix” the old website, and lo and behold, it disappeared. As a result we had to start afresh, and everyone’s user logins disappeared, over night.

Not only that, all the blog posts, and attached videos. I won’t go on and on, crying over spilt milk. But it was rather hard on us.

However, we will work it out, and figure out some improvements in the coming weeks. Right now the old website at Goat Milk Soap NZ is gone. It isn’t coming back. So let’s make the most of what we have, and together with you, we’ll build up new words, messages, reviews, and improvements. Let’s keep moving. In facts, let’s fix this whole thing. website has been folded into the site.

The old website is not the only casualty of our operations realignment. We had to remove the website as well a while ago.

I am just pleased we can continue to serve our customers with orders here in New Zealand. Our soap and skincare sticks have become a big part of so many lives here in New Zealand.

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