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Privacy. Would you take your daughter to milking time?

Privacy. Would you take your daughter to milking time?
Goats don’t care as much about privacy as family ties. Goat MIlk Soap mother goes to milking time with her daughter.

Taking your daughter to milking time is not what most cows or goats do on a commercial dairy farm. Most farms separate their young stock from the adults at birth, or as soon as possible. We do not.

In the past, we did not let a goat bring a young daughter to milking time because it would cause disruption to the process of getting the milk. But with the changing of staff, and different operators’ preferences, sometimes these things are allowed.

Another mother takes her daughter to milking time, and we miss out!

In the video, we captured a mother and a young one. The sight has heartened many viewers. To be precise, as of May 18th, 2021, 70,000 views have clocked up on this one video alone! We also have another one, where the goat kid was allowed to drink from one side of the udder, but not the other. In this second video, it is worth noting, the young goat is even drinking from her own mother! You may wish to view this one too.

You may notice these two videos are from the Smith Family Soapmaker’s channel, Goat Milk Soap NZ, which is a #GoatWatch channel. We post videos of goats, their kids, and related scenery. We are currently posting every week. Some of the content is rather short, and over time we will produce longer content as well especially of mothers who want to take their daughter to milking time.

Learn more about the Goat Milk Soap NZ YouTube channel in this video.

A YouTube channel introduction video.

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Goat Milk Soap or even the skincare stick is something that not everyone thinks of buying online. Sometimes the best approach to letting people know we exist and may be able to help them is to introduce them to our videos and other farm updates. That is why we are now posting some of our many videos on the email list.

Please feel free to join our email list, and share the emails with friends when they arrive.

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Secret Life of a Goat Whisperer Dec 23 2020

Sometimes we just have to whisper to the goats. We can’t help ourselves.

Insights from the secret life of a goat whisperer

Goat whisperer? Perhaps the genesis of this goat whisperer behaviour started all started when I found a sheep skull in the paddock at Pudding Hill camp, at Mt Somers. I’m not sure. But I do remember being on camp with some friends and we went for a walk in the farm area.

While on that walk I found a skull and kept it. I didn’t talk to it, but I did get attached to it. I loved it.

One of my friends, who, for now, shall remain nameless, thought other thoughts and said it was a very unusual choice, and I was not quite thinking right, etc, etc.

At that time we had no farm animals in my family

I wasn’t a goat whisperer until quite recently. I was living in Christchurch, and so there was no chance to whisper to any goats. But I did like to ride my bike over what was at the time, a cow and sheep grazing area, on the south side of Eastmans Wetland.

That was the stretch of Cashmere Road between Hoon Hay Valley Road, and Kennedy’s Bush Road. I used to enjoy calling out to the dairy cows along the roadside.

Well, I think they were milking cows, I didn’t know much about the difference between milking and dry stock back then.

We had no goats until after the year 2000!

It would be unusual to seek out the company of goats and whisper to them if you had no goats of your own, and didn’t work near, or visit them, I think.

Well, one day I went to Hanmer Springs with some people at work. My wife and I both went together and there was a goat there.

I thought it would be nice to say hello to this male goat.

He was behind a fence, what could go wrong…

Did I become a goat whisperer then?

Actually, he bit me!

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Goat Milk Soap New Zealand Video Channel

The Goat Milk Soap channel highlights life on the farm at GoatMilkSoapNZ, and is published by the Smith Family Soapmakers. Any of our videos you like or comment on helps us get found by others who may go on to purchase products from our site.

All about this YouTube channel
A recent video on why we placed hay here. The goat storms the camera, of course.