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What Is Soap? Not All Meet Bar

Is this person using soap or some other white lather?

First of all, soap is a cleaning substance. The thing which makes it soap, and allows it to exceed the definition bar, so to speak, is that it has to be created with natural substances.

We can make soap with plant oils (coconut, vegetable, palm, and pine) and perhaps acids from animal fat, including animal milk. To use the word bar, in a different way, we could say that, like a high jumper needs to reach over the bar to achieve a jump, it has to be made with natural ingredients to reach the bar or the standard of being soap.

The question we have for you today is this. “Does your cleaning bar reach the standard of a soap?

What Is Soap Without Lye? (Lye is required to meet the bar)

Soap without lye is detergent, a man-made substance. At one time people made lye with ashes. Now we can buy it in a Lilly white granule format. But it is not left in the bar of soap. Lye is like oxygen animals breathe. It disappears when you make soap just like air disappears and is replaced with carbon dioxide.

So when a bar of soap is made with natural materials, they bind with the lye and create a soap that clings together to form a bar.

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