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Goat Milk Mother Gives Salty Look

Why the goat milk mother gives salty look to the farmer. It’s because the farmer thought she looked very cute in front of the salt block, patiently waiting to be released from the stand. It appears that the goat doe did not see the point of having a video taken of her.

An exchange between the farmer and his goat doe at the end of the milking session.

The farmer is delighted that so far, over 3000 people have viewed this little exchange between him and the goat. What do you think about it? This video was filmed and uploaded around 4 weeks ago.

The Goat Milk Mother I’d like to show you is from a while ago. It is very short, and filmed in 2018. It captures a goat sneezing.

Finally, here is a short clip of the goats about their normal evening routine. Their normal life includes making sure that Goat Milk Mother remains superior to Goat Milk Teenager!

We are grateful to YouTube for allowing us to upload our videos, and make them accessible to you to consume and share with others. It certainly helps with selling soap! Not everyone wants to view soap ads every week. But a lot of people have fun watching animals be themselves.

Learn more about the Goat Milk Soap NZ YouTube channel in this video.

Our channel introduction video.

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