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Winter Air Strikes Brutally At Heels And Dry Skin

Winter is approaching and your skin may become drier. This is where Goat Milk Soap like Milk Relief Soap™  and other interesting skincare products like Lano Relief Skin Stick™ may help.

So what is dry skin? According to the internet,  is an uncomfortable condition. I associate it with white scales (probably where it has been scratched). It certainly itches and there may be cracking.

Many people notice pain on the heels of their feet when the winter air begins to strike brutally, drying out the skin.

The reason why we started making the Lano Relief Skin Stick™ was because of dry skin. Not just winter dry skin. We needed something to supplement the excellent work our soap was doing for our skin.

Goodbye to winter (dry skin pain) with our naturally moisturing skincare stick.

Pure NZ Lanolin + Manuka Oil at your fingertips, without the gooey mess or unpleasant smell of sheep! Manuka honey is made by honeybees going to the blossoms of Manuka trees; Manuka oil is made from steam distilling the whole branches of Manuka trees. Manuka, unlike its counterpart Tea Tree in Australia, has a gentle sweetish aroma. Every part of a Manuka tree has been used by the Maori people for medicinal purposes for generations.

Net 13g approx. This unique skin stick comes in a new plastic-free recycled paper box, much like a matchbox. Ideal size for carrying around in your bag. Have a skin stick for your face/lips, another for your heels, then another for your bag etc. Applied on your lips before lipstick, it will achieve a nice translucent effect. A skin stick is also referred to as solid moisturiser or hard lotion.

What’s been happening on the farm as winter approaches?

Firstly, we have been making a lot of videos. But the most recent development is a question and answer format video. Here is an example of one.

Do goats change colour?

Also, since the last blog update here, there has been another interesting development in our Goat Milk Soap NZ YouTube channel. We’ve seen some impressive numbers of views on a few of the videos. Like 70,000 views! Who knows how many we’ll have after winter 2021.


Even videos taken in the dark get views. But not nearly as many yet. It is worth noting there is a video format, like the video above, which is suited to mobile devices, and if it is 1 minute or less, YouTube are likely to give you up to 70,000+ views. But the video below has a lower reach because they treat it differently.

In any case, if you share a video with a friend, like or comment, it will help us to spread the word about our soap, and we greatly appreciate it. We really do. So, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Learn more about the Goat Milk Soap NZ YouTube channel in this video.

A YouTube channel introduction video.

We have an email list you may wish to join it, and receive updates from us.

Goat Milk Soap or even the skincare stick is something that not everyone thinks of buying online. Sometimes the best approach to letting people know we exist and may be able to help them is to introduce them to our videos and other farm updates. That is why we are now posting some of our many videos on the email list.

Please feel free to join our email list, and share the emails with friends when they arrive.

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