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Goatastic July 2022 All Age Fun

July 2020 is cold in New Zealand. There is snow in Canterbury, and down here it was 4 degrees above zero until mid-afternoon one day.

July 2022 Goatastic All Age Fun
One of the 2020 triplets seems to think she is in trouble.

But we are still warmly welcoming new customers!

We are also still receiving really good feedback from existing customers. We appreciate that. See below what one of the customers has said.

Hello Prudence!

Thank you for your beautiful milk, and I hope you give your human parents a little head butt for their help in turning it into the most gorgeous soap. It has helped my skin problems so much and I love using it. I even wash my face with it and love how my skin doesn’t tingle afterwards. I am so happy to have found you and send you happy blessings.

Chris Bone – Canterbury, New Zealand

Thanks, Chris for the comments.

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